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Being so close to Orlando in Port Canaveral, you will want to take advantage of all of the breath-taking sights you can see in the city that you can’t even come close to anywhere else. After enjoying several days of non-stop pampering and luxury on your Royal Caribbean cruise, it would be a shame to lower your standards for a bulky shuttle bus. With Royal Caribbean – Monarch of the Seas limo service, you can have a friendly driver waiting for you with an air-conditioned, fully-stocked limousine that lets you sink right back into luxury even after you get off the cruise. Relax with cushioned seats, a cold beverage and surround sound music or watch a little TV on one of the limo’s fabulous Plasma screen televisions– all while you travel around Orlando enjoying all of the sights and sounds.

Learn all about the mysteries of space at NASA’s famous Kennedy Space Center, which offers educational fun about all of the wonders of our universe. Talk to a real live astronaut and see the inside of a space ship to find out what it’s like to travel into space. You can try delicious dried astronaut food to get a taste of space cuisine and look through huge telescopes to discover our galaxy. View exciting movies about space in the center’s theater or learn about all of the fascinating new theories we have about the universe at one of the many research centers.

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at Orlando Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride. Take a tour of the city hundreds of feet up in the air in a beautiful hot air balloon for a romantic experience with a loved one or an exciting experience with the whole family. Watch gorgeous Orlando sunrises or sunsets from a bird’s eye view for a breath-taking scene you are bound to remember for a lifetime. Enjoy a champagne toast and a buffet breakfast up in the sky for a truly refreshing experience. Don’t forget to bring the camera to capture all of the gorgeous moments to show them off to all your friends!

Wonderworks is called “the amusement park for the mind” because it takes you on a wild mental ride with all of the crazy attractions and baffling sights. The building itself is constructed upside down for a truly out of this world look you’ll have to keep double taking to comprehend. Inside gets even wackier with over 100 interactive exhibits such as the inversion tunnel which defies gravity, disaster zone earthquake simulator, bed of nails and more for a truly mind-boggling experience. Finish the night off with an exciting game of lazer tag to show off your skills.

Our limousine drivers know all of the hottest spots in Orlando and can get you there faster than ever in ultimate comfort and style. You can just kick back with family and friends and have a celebrity-style party in of any of our spacious limos for a price comparable to the bulky, uncomfortable shuttle buses. Why not truly enjoy yourself while you’re on vacation in a polished and comfortable limousine to make the vacation truly memorable? It’s not every day that you get a chance to cruise around Orlando partying or relaxing in the back of a luxurious limousine, so skip waiting in the hot sun for a shuttle bus and take a limo instead!